Artist statement

I believe everything and nothing has meaning, it’s a choice. To me all art has meaning.

You pour your energy and vibration at that exact moment in your life into creating something, with everything going on in the world around you.

It’s like a “photograph” you capture of that exact state of being at a specific time. It’s a result of the collective mixed with your individual experience.

We’re all creators and receivers of vibration.


Theodora Dea is an Oslo based artist, who studied visual art at NISS- Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio in the late 2000’s. She uses a mixed media technique of alcohol ink and resin to create organic and geometric shapes, adding gold and shimmer to elevate the 3D effects of the different layers of media, and to make the art playful to light.

Theodora Arts was founded in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, but also at the same time the planet entered a new astrological age. After about 2160 years in the age of Pisces we have now entered the age of Aquarius.

Since then Dea has embraced the changes of the world and keep on creating art and vibrations which she hopes will inspire and bring out the inner child within all of us.

Theodora Dea happens to be an Aquarius in the astrological age of Aquarius making waterproof art, and thus the slogan “the Aquaristic Art of an Aquarian” was born.

Interview with Contemporary Art Curator Magazine 2022.

Merits 2022:

  • 10-15.09 group exhibition “Be Free”by Female Artists Oslo at Vulkan Showcase by Paguro
  • 01-04.09 group exhibition Focus Art Fair Paris, Carrousel du Louvre
  • 02-15.08 group exhibition Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid
  • 30.06 Art N’ Soul at The Thief Hotel Roof Bar, Tjuvholmen in Oslo
  • 24-26.06 group exhibition at the International Contemporary Monaco Art Fair
  • a spread in The Power of Creativity Art Book devised by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine
  • 09.05 received the Voices of Tomorrow Art Award from CAC

Merits 2021:

  • 19- 30.11, one art work as part of the International Contemporary Exhibition “HYSTERICA” at M.A.D.S Art Gallery in Milan and Fuerteventura
  • 04- 15.11, three art works as part of the “Marbella Art Fair” 2021, Spain
  • 05.11, four pages in the “Nordic Art Guide” 2021/22, Scandinavia
  • 29.05- 04.06, solo exhibition at Albin Art in Oslo, Norway