Group exhibition curated by Female Artists Oslo at Vulkan Showcase by Paguro.

Interview about the exhibition and the Female Artist Oslo community by VĂ„rtOslo.

Moments from opening night captured by Troy Falck, edited by Theodora Dea.

Carrousel du Louvre

Focus Art Fair in Paris curated by HongLee Curator. Showcasing No. 1-3.

“FUTURE” at Van Gogh Art Gallery in Madrid

Displaying “Mirage” 120x 90cm.

Pictures by Van Gogh Art Gallery from

Art N’Soul at The Thief Hotel Roof Bar

An amazing evening at the top of Oslo with live music and art. Thank you to Tania for hosting and The Thief and Robert for making this event happen, to Troy for your support and help and to everyone who came and made the night unforgettable.

Diving with Nebu

Nebu is the Egyptian symbol for gold. The art work is 140x 120cm, waterproof and it’s made of resin and mixed media on board.

Voices of Tomorrow Art Award

Thank you so much for this honour, Contemporary Art Curator Magazine.

No. 1-3 is ready for Carrousel du Louvre

This art piece will be at Focus Art Boom in Paris 01-04 September. Available only by appointment until then. Mail to

Interview with Contemporary Art Curator Magazine 2022

As a precursor to the book “Power of Creativity”, which will be out spring 2022, I did an interview with CAC Magazine.

M.A.D.S Art Gallery Milano & Fuerteventura 2021

As part of the “HYSTERICA” exhibition 19-30 November.

Press and more about the art work.

The Nordic Art Guide 2021/22

The art book presents 65 nordic artists, and I’m honored to be one of them. Curated by the talented Gina Cinnamoni. Available at

Marbella International Contemporary Art Fair 2021

“The Desert” series showcased in Marbella 4th -14th of November. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be there in person due to Covid restrictions, but the fair looked amazing.

“The Desert” series 2021

The art is waterproof and sustainable.

Solo exhibition at Albin Art in Oslo28.05-04.06, 2021

Thank you to everyone who came to support this exhibition. Can’t believe it sold out the first day. I’m forever grateful.

“Alt som er Oslo” 2020