Epoxy Resin

Due to the shiny and vibrant surface of epoxy resin, it is very difficult to bring out all the nuances and details in a photograph. They simply have to be experienced!

All pictures can be washed with a wet cloth or wiped with a dust brush. Withstands moisture well. The latest series are actually waterproof. If you have a plaster wall, it comes with a correctly dimensioned plaster anchor. The art also come with LED lights if desired.

Regndråper (sold)

Oslo (sold)

/Edited photo. Artistic presentation.

Abyss (sold)

Mangfold (sold)

/Resin on wooden board 120x 80 cm, weight 10 kg.

Skumring (sold)

/ Resin on wooden board 140x 80 cm, weight 11 kg.