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Oslo based artist. Worldwide shipping.

Upcoming exhibitions 2022:

24-26 June International Contemporary Art Fair Monaco

30th June Art N’ Soul at The Thief Roof Bar, Tjuvholmen in Oslo

2nd-15th August “FUTURE” at Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid

01-04th September Focus Art Festival Paris at Carrousel du Louvre

10-25th September “Be Free”by Female Artists Oslo at Vulkan Showcase by Paguro

25th November – 08th December “Woman Life Freedom” Via Showcase, Ruseløkkveien 26, 0251 Oslo (as curator, not artist)

Monday- Friday 10-18

Saturday 11-17

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Woman Life Freedom by Female Artists Oslo

We were approached by two incredible Iranian women and artists concerning what’s happening in Iran. As an artist myself and as FAO’s Director of Business Operations we wanted to use our platform to help spread the message of the brave women and people of Iran.

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Artist statement

I believe everything and nothing has meaning, it’s a choice. To me all art has meaning.

You pour your energy and vibration at that exact moment in your life into creating something, with everything going on in the world around you.

It’s like a “photograph” you capture of that exact state of being at a specific time. It’s a result of the collective mixed with your individual experience.

We’re all creators and receivers of vibration.

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